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Hajari Realty, Inc. is an emerging real estate firm specializing in hotel brokerage, financial consulting, and site evaluation and selection for the development of hotels and resorts.

The Hajari Realty team is composed of highly trained and experienced individuals committed to exceed clients’ expectations and build long-lasting relationships with buyers and sellers across the United States and other parts of the world.

The team is dedicated to serving investors by helping them make smart hotel investments with exceptional rate of returns. They count among their clients anyone who has an interest and passion in the hospitality industry, including first-time hotel buyers, corporate hospitality & management companies, banks, institutional/individual hoteliers, and many more.

The mission of Hajari Realty is to accomplish their clients’ objectives in buying or selling a hospitality property in practically any location. With the firm’s widespread global network and close cooperation with other brokers, the Hajari Realty team has the ability to serve all clients, both locally and internationally.

Key areas of expertise

As a boutique realty firm, Hajari Realty is in the best position to provide personalized and dynamic services that may be tailored to suit each client’s specific needs.

The company’s key areas of expertise include:

Selecting pockets of opportunities in the hotel sector for all types of buyers, regardless of price range

Disposition of hotel assets in a timely and effective manner, using a variety of methods proven to get results

Maximizing returns after an acquisition through effective and efficient re-positioning and brand selection

Assisting clients in obtaining financing for a hotel purchase

Maximizing income by reducing and streamlining line item expenses according to the hotel’s classification and operations

Facilitating the buying process for first-time investors who may lack industry know-how, and providing them with the guidance they need to optimize their property’s success potential

Generating a marketing plan specific to each hotel

Mehul and the Hajari Realty team may be reached at:

Address: 3051 Hwy. 90, Avondale, LA 70094 Phone: 504.218.7101

About Mehul Hajari

Mehul Hajari, the company’s founder, and president, has over nine years’ experience in the hospitality industry. He has developed and honed his expertise in both the real estate and operational aspects of the hotel business.

Mehul’s firsthand background in the key areas of hotel operations, including management, development, sales and financing; as well as in commercial real estate, including retail and land, provides Hajari Realty with a wealth of skills and knowledge, as well as the all-important intuitive wisdom that comes only from extensive and in-depth industry experience.

Mehul has managed different types of hotels, ranging from under 100 to over 100 rooms, and from independent to franchised hotels. Mehul counts among his industry expertise the management and operations of extended-stay hotels, having opened and managed several of these establishments from the ground up.

Mehul’s extensive background in running and managing hotels of various types and sizes, overseeing all aspects from accounting to operations, has given him valuable insight on how to find opportunities that truly and effectively add value to a hospitality property, benefitting both buyers and sellers.

With an M.B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago/New Orleans, Mehul combines his professional and academic skills and background to propel Hajari Realty to excellence and unparalleled service.

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