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Our Mission

Hajari Realty, Inc.has extensive experience in the sale and exchange of hotels, specializing in developing relationships with both buyers and sellers.

As a boutique real estate firm with sole concentration on the hospitality industry, the company offers hotel buyers and sellers the kind of one-on-one service that’s often difficult to obtain from larger brokerage firms.

The Hajari Realty team considers their clients as their partners. Each decision and process is achieved through consensus and mutual understanding. The team takes the time and effort needed to ensure everyone who has a stake in each transaction is on the same page – from setting goals; to formulating systems and strategies to achieve these goals; to implementing, reviewing, and if necessary, modifying these systems and strategies to best achieve the set goals.

For the Hajari Realty team, no client is too big or too small. Whether working with a first-time hotel buyer or an experienced investor with a growing portfolio, the team devotes the same kind of personalized focus and expertise to achieve the client’s objectives.

No client is too distant either. Hajari Realty serves all 50 states, identifying opportunities and representing investors in all parts of the country through its extensive network and close cooperation with other brokers.

The Hajari Realty team is composed of dedicated individuals that can offer quality hotel brokerage services and a marketing plan specific to each hotel.

The hotel and hospitality industry is complex and dynamic. The factors and conditions that influence the profitability and operations of one property are not the same across all locations and similar properties. What may work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana may be different from what works in New Orleans in the same state. Likewise, what makes one hotel in Atlanta, Georgia profitable may be different from what it takes to make another hotel in the same city successful.

The Hajari Realty team possesses the knowledge and expertise to evaluate each property for its individual merits, and develop a specific strategy and marketing plan around these to achieve clients’ goals.

For sellers, the team conducts an in-depth analysis of the property for sale to identify strengths and weaknesses. They utilize and address what they find from their study to professionally present the property to investors while aiming for the highest possible value.

For buyers, the team starts with a full understanding of the client’s objectives then works toward finding the properties that best address these objectives. They tirelessly and meticulously go through every detail of potential properties to ensure that their clients’ best interests are protected and their goals are achieved.

Hajari Realty aims to exceed expectations.

Building relationships is paramount to the company’s operations. The team understands that their reputation is only as good as their last transaction. With this in mind, they passionately strive for excellence every single time, always focusing on achieving the best possible results for their clients’ unique needs, and building on their extensive knowledge of the industry to always be on top of the game.?