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Our Process

Crafting creative strategies that add value and maximize return

The Hajari Realty team’s evaluation of a property is thorough and meticulous. It involves an in-depth analysis of the market as well as the consideration of factors such as the state of capital markets and current industry trends. All these are used towards planning a strategy that will enhance the value and profitability of a property, achieving a win-win outcome for both the buyer and the seller.

The team’s experience in finding solutions for even the most complex ownership and sales issues has cemented their reputation as exceptional problem solvers and advisors.

Hajari Realty has a deep knowledge and understanding of hospitality real estate.

Comprehensive due diligence

In marketing a hospitality property, the first step of an experienced and dedicated broker is to conduct due diligence. Different from a buyer’s “due diligence,” the seller’s process aims to take realistic stock of the property’s current condition and profitability with the aim of discovering opportunities to enhance the property’s value.

Hajari Realty conducts a thorough and in-depth property
assessment to identify:

Physical problems that could affect value

Potential problems on deeds, titles, lease agreements and vital documents, such as financial and employee records

Cost-effective solutions to identified problems

Opportunities to enhance the property’s value, including re-purposing, capital improvements or new developments in the area

Maximizing income potential

While hotels and other hospitality properties are considered real estate, they need to be treated differently from other real assets. In addition to its real estate values, a hotel’s operational aspects play a critical role in its investment potential.

Hajari Realty takes a look at the factors that affect the income potential of each client property in order to come up with a profitability-enhancing strategy. The team considers an expansive array of factors that can greatly affect a property’s income potential, including:

Local and national economic trends, such as local business activity, changes in wage rates and energy prices, consumer and business confidence, and others.

Local and national industry trends, particularly as they relate to the supply and demand for accommodations.

Changes in the local area and demographic profiles. A new thoroughfare or attraction, for example, can bring in more businesses, residents, and visitors.

Demand for the hotel’s amenities and attractions, such as a golf or beach club, fitness center, restaurant or bar.

The hotel’s reputation and image vis-à-vis the competition.

Experience in all facets of the hospitality industry promotes credibility with investors and lenders.

Success in the hospitality industry begins with choosing the right property and obtaining the right financing for its purchase. To achieve this, investors need to work with a broker who knows the ins and outs of the industry not only from a real estate standpoint but also from a hotel management and operations perspective.

Hajari Realty’s founder and President, Mehul Hajari, has vast experience and expertise in the key areas of hotel operations, having managed different types of hotels ranging from under 100 to over 100 rooms, and from independent to franchised operations. He was personally involved in many of these properties from the time they opened.

With the Hajari Realty team’s experience and know-how, and their continuous efforts to stay abreast of developments in the industry, they understand what lenders look for in financing applications. The team leverages this knowledge and their vast network in helping their clients obtain favorable financing for a property.