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Hajari Realty, Inc. specializes in providing hotel brokerage services across the United States and the world. The team offers expert assistance and guidance to first-time and experienced buyers and sellers, in transactions involving various hotel types and investor budgets.

The Hajari Realty team keep themselves abreast of the latest industry and economic trends through ongoing research in order to provide their clients with the information and guidance they need in making informed decisions.

Hajari Realty’s full suite of services includes the following:

Hotel brokerage

Hajari Realty, Inc. is part of an extensive network that includes other brokers in the United States and in various parts of the world. This gives the company access to listings that investors may not be able to find on their own or through other brokerage firms. Along with their own listings, Hajari Realty is able to present investors with excellent options, allowing them to find the property that best suits their needs, preferences, and budget, and which could most likely fulfill their investment objectives.

The company’s network and affiliations also allow them to tap potential buyers and investors for a client’s asset. Their marketing strategy is designed around presenting a property to investors through a variety of proven methods, highlighting the property’s current and potential benefits.

Property Evaluation

Hajari Realty assesses all aspects of a property from a real estate and an operational standpoint. Evaluation of property includes an in-depth analysis of the industry and economic trends and conditions and how these varying factors may affect a particular asset.

Property evaluation also includes an assessment of the hotel’s potential profitability and “hope value,” that is, the property’s potential for added value through such solutions as re-positioning, renovations, and improvements.

With Mehul Hajari’s in-depth and extensive experience in hotel management, including re-positioning after the acquisition, Hajari Realty’s clients can tap into the firm’s wealth of knowledge to optimize a property’s value and get excellent rates of return.

Hajari Realty’s property evaluation service benefits both buyers and sellers. It provides buyers with the information and insight they need to decide if a property is a suitable investment, or to determine an offer price for it. And by identifying the property’s “hope value,” it enhances the property’s desirability, increasing the seller’s chances of getting a good price for it.

Assistance in obtaining financing

By keeping themselves constantly informed about economic and industry trends and developments, and through their extensive network, the Hajari Realty team can provide their clients with valuable guidance in obtaining financing for a hotel purchase.

Given the real estate and operational nature of a hotel, financing for one is more complicated than any other type of real estate. Clients can greatly benefit from Hajari Realty’s expertise in finding the right lenders and loan products.

Navigating the complex hotel buying and selling process

The process of buying and selling a hotel is much more complex than any other property type. Various issues are often involved, including property ownership, land lease agreements, debt and equity placements, operations management, and franchise affiliations.

Mehul Hajari’s extensive background and experience in the hotel business, including widespread experience in resolving complex issues, are the foundations upon which the success of Hajari Realty has been built. Both novice and experienced investors will greatly benefit from Mehul’s and the team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business and the industry.